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Our background

GH Plast was founded in 1965 by Heino and Elna Tamp. They bought their first injection molding machine and started their manufacturing firm in a 50 square meter small rental garage.

In 1972, the company had expanded and by that time they had three injection molding machines. Heino and Elna then decided to build their own factory, a 400 square meter large machine hall, located in the central part of Grisslehamn. Since then, the factory has been remodeled twice to fit the continued expanding. Today we have seven machines and the size of the factory is now 1600 square meter.

In 2002, a generation shift in the company was made. Peter and AnnCatrin Tamp became the new owners of the company and at the same time they changed the enterprise into a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Ever since the start of the company in 1965, injection molding has been the core part of our production.
In 2017 GH Plast was certified according to the Supplier Workplace Accountability (SWA) certification.